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Associate Dean for the Ph.D. Program

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Anne E. Norris, Ph.D., R.N., FAAN is a Professor, and Associate Dean for the Ph.D. Program of the University of Miami School of Nursing and Health Studies (SONHS).  Dr. Norris earned her Ph.D. in nursing and psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1988 with specialization in psychiatric/mental health nursing (master’s-level) and social psychology (doctoral level).  Dr. Norris joined the SONHS in 2014 as a tenured Professor, and was later named Associate Dean for the Ph.D. program before assuming the role of Interim Dean in December of 2016. 

Dr. Norris is a nationally and internationally recognized nursing scientist in the areas of sexual and reproductive health, and measurement of a variety of phenomena.  Her pioneering use of novel methods includes integrating state-of-the-art technology in inter interventions.  In July of 2016 she was inducted into the Sigma Theta Ta International Nurse Researcher Hall of Fame for this work and for her mentorship of nurse educators and scientists whose scholarly outputs are reflected in prestigious titles and achievements worldwide.

Dr. Norris’ nursing education and research trajectories span over 27 years of service in Ohio, Massachusetts, and the cities of Orlando and Miami in Florida.  She has been active in faculty governance and in nursing curriculum expansion throughout her career.  Her education and ongoing support of nurses and nursing students from underrepresented minorities has resulted in scholarly outputs and professional successes among her former students, including peer-reviewed publications, NIH funding, prestigious AAN fellowship status and academic affiliations and full professorships, as well as important clinical practice and clinical trial positions.

Dr. Norris is committed to interdisciplinary research. She is a member of the UM Center for Communication, Culture, and Change, and actively collaborates with faculty from the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, the University of Central Florida Institute for Simulation and Training, the Miami Dade County Public School System, and renowned investigators in the U.S. and globally in the areas of communication science, public health, and economics.

Anne E. Norris, PhD, RN, FAAN



1989Post Doctoral , University of Michigan, Center for Nursing Research
1988Ph.D. , University of Wisconsin-Madison, School of Nursing
1984M.S. , University of Wisconsin-Madison, School of Nursing
1981B.S. in Nursing, Rush University, School of Nursing
1979B.S. in Zoology, Michigan State University, Colleges of Natural Sciences


RN Florida, 9279413

LIST OF SPECIALTIES: Research design, measurement, and statistics

Honors & Acknowledgements

Major Accomplishments / Honors

SNRS Research in Nursing and Health Authorship Award, Southeastern Nursing Research Society (SNRS), 2014

University Excellence in Research Award, University of Central Florida College of Nursing, 2014

University Research Incentive Award for Outstanding Achievement in Research Scholarship, & Creative Activities, University of Central Florida College of Nursing, 2013

Mary Cash Award for Outstanding Contributions to Cultural Diversity in Nursing and Health Care, Florida Nurses Association, 2011

Inducted as a Fellow, American Academy of Nursing, 2003

AcademicKeys Who’s Who in Health Sciences Education (WWHSE),, 2003


Research Projects

Research Grants (Selected)

NINR - A Novel Pregnancy Prevention Intervention for Latino Middle School Girls (R01 NR014851-01A1) - $3,680,518 - Pending
Institute for Fraud Prevention - Identifying the verbal and non-verbal communication behaviors of skeptical entry level auditors - $10,000 - 2014

NINR - Using mixed reality to build peer resistance skills in Latina middle schoolers. (R15NR012189) Co-PI - $434,812 - 2010-2012

TriService Nursing Research Program Grant - HIV risk behavior and condom use: Collecting data for prevention. PI: LCDR Raymond E. Phillips (N00-024) - $200,000 - 2001-2003

Presentations (selected)

Eustler, J., Norris, A.E., & Trompeter, G. (2014) The client interview: Client interpersonal style and trait based skepticism in accounting students and early career auditors. Study results. Presented at the annual meeting of the Institute for Fraud Prevention, Washington, DC., June

Norris, A.E., Santisteban, D., Villegas, N., & Johnson-Mallard , V. (2012).  Research on Technology Assisted Interventions.  Presented at the XIII Pan American Nursing Research Colloquium Society, Miami, September.

Norris, A.E. (2012). Using Mixed Reality (MR) simulation to increase the potency of skill based health promotion interventions. Paper presented 2012 National State of the Science Congress on Nursing Research, Washington, DC, September 13-15. 

Norris, A.E., Hughes, C., Hecht, M., Peragallo, N., & Nickerson, D. (2012).  Preventing Pregnancy in Latino Early Adolescent Girls: The Role of Simulated Social Environments.  Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association Society, August, Orlando.

Wirth, J., Norris, A.E., Mapes, D., Ingraham, K., & Moshell, J. M. (2011).  Interactive Performance: Dramatic Improvisation in a Mixed Reality Environment for Learning.  Paper presented at HCI International 2011, Orlando, Florida, July 9-14, 2011.

Norris, A.E.  (2010).  Intervención en VIH con Avatars para escolares (HIV intervention for Latino middle school girls with Avatars).  Paper presented at the III Encuentro Internacional Auto Cuidado y Promocion de la Salud, Innovaciones Interdisciplinarias en VIH y SIDA. Santiago, Chile, Dec. 3.

Norris, A.E., Smith, E.S. & Hughes, C.E. (2011).  Building health games through interdisciplinary research: Working the problem.  Paper presented at the Sigma Theta Tau 21st International Nursing Research Congress. Orlando, FL, July 12-16, 2010.

Norris, A. E. & Phillips, R. E. (2003). Condom use at last intercourse for young men with multiple partners in home and foreign cities. Moderated poster session at the 16th World Congress of Sexology, Havana, Cuba, March 10-14.

Ford, K., & Norris, A. (1998).  Patterns of union formation among urban minority youth in the US.  Paper presented at the IUSSP Seminar on Measurement of Rick and Modeling of the Spread of AIDS.  Copenhagen, Denmark, June 1998.

Norris, A.E. & Ford, K. (1997).  The moderating influence of peer norms on gender differences in condom use.  Paper presented at the 11th Conference of the European Health Psychology Society, Bordeaux, France.

Publications (selected)

Norris, A.E., Pettigrew, J., Miller-Day, M., Hecht, M., Hutchinson, J., & Campoe, K. (in press).  Resisting pressure from peers to engage in sexual behavior: What communication strategies do early adolescent Latino Girls use? The Journal of Early Adolescence

Norris, A.E., Torres-Thomas, S., & Williams, E.T. (2014).  Adapting cognitive interviewing for early adolescent Hispanic girls and sensitive topics.  Hispanic Health Care International, 12 (3), 111-119.

Norris, A.E., Weger, H., Bullinger, C., & Bowers, A. (2014). Quantifying Engagement: Measuring Player Involvement in Human-Avatar Interactions Computers and Human Behavior, 34, 1-11.

Norris, A.E., Hughes, C., Hecht, M.L., Peragallo, N.P., & Nickerson, D. (2013).  A randomized trial of a peer resistance skill building game for Hispanic early adolescent girls: Impact and feasibility of DRAMA-RAMA.  Nursing Research. 62(1), 25-35. doi: 10.1097/NNR.0b013e318276138f

Norris, A.E., Aroian, K.J., Warren, S., & Wirth, J. (2012).  Interactive Performance and Focus Groups with Adolescents: The Power of Play.  Research in Nursing and Health, 35(6), 671-679.

Norris, A.E., Phillips, R.E., & Grady, K. (2007). Measuring the condom use self-efficacy of deployed, enlisted, male U.S. naval personnel. Journal of Nursing Measurement, 15 (1): 46-61.

Norris, A.E., & DeMarco, R.F. (2005). The mechanics of conducting culturally relevant HIV prevention research with Haitian American adolescents: Lessons learned. Journal of Multi-Cultural Nursing and Health, 11 (1), 69-76.

Norris, A.E., & Phillips, R. (2005). Ethnic differences in predictors of condom use with casual sex partners in foreign ports by US male enlisted naval personnel. Journal of Multicultural Nursing and Health, 11 (1), 38-46.

Norris, A.E., Clark, L.F., & Magnus, S. (2003). Sexual abstinence and the Sexual Abstinence Behavior Scale. Journal of Pediatric Health Care, 17, 140-144.

Norris, A.E., & Ford, K. (1999). Sexual experiences and condom use of heterosexual, low income, African American and Hispanic youth practicing relative monogamy, serial monogamy, and non-monogamy. Sexually Transmitted Diseases, 26, 17-25.


Areas of Specialty

Psych / Mental Health