Katie Smith

Post Doctoral Associate

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Kate Smith graduated with her PhD in Atmospheric Chemistry at the University of York. Her previous work included using low cost sensors combined with a variety of machine learning techniques to monitor criteria pollutants in the atmosphere. Currently, she is working with Prof. Elliot Atlas to study halogenated species and volatile organic compounds in the stratosphere over North America. This work is a part of the Dynamics and Chemistry of the Summer Stratosphere (DCOTSS) campaign.


Katie R. Smith, Peter M. Edwards, Mathew J. Evans, James D. Lee, Marvin D. Shaw, Freya Squires, Shona Wilde and Alastair C. Lewis Faraday "Clustering approaches to improve the performance of low cost air pollution sensors" 621-637200 (2017). [Link]

Kate R. Smith, Peter M. Edwards, Peter D. Ivatt, James D. Lee, Freya Squires, Chengliang Dai,Richard E. Peltier, Mat J. Evans, Yele Sun, and Alastair C. Lewis 1325-133612 (2019). [Link]