Singiresu S Rao


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Dr. Singiresu S. Rao is a professor in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at University of Miami. He served as the Chair of the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering during the period 1998-2011. Earlier, Dr. Rao served as a Professor in the School of Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana during 1985-1998 and Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India during 1972-1984. He was a Visiting Research Scientist at NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, Virginia during 1980-1981.

Dr. Rao's main research interests are in multiobjective optimization, uncertainty models in engineering analysis, design and optimization, reliability-based design, finite element and meshfree methods, and optimization and reliability of renewable energy systems.He also introduced, for the first time in literature, uncertainty concepts such as probabilistic, fuzzy, interval and grey system theories to make the models and the resulting performance predictions more practical, realistic and accurate.



1972Ph.D. Engineering Mechanics and Design, Case Western Reserve University
1968M.Tech. Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institue of Technology
1965B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Andhra University

Professional Experience

1998 - Professor, University of Miami
2012 - 2012Visiting Professor, Indian Institute of Science
1998 - 2011Professor and Chair, University of Miami
1989 - 2001Advisor, Aeronautical Development Agency
1988 - 1998Professor, Purdue University
1985 - 1988Associate Professor, Purdue University
1981 - 1985Professor, San Diego State University
1978 - 1982Professor, Indian Institute of Technology
1980 - 1981Visiting Scientist, NASA Langley Research Center
1971 - 1977Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Technology

Research Interests

Multiobjective optimization, Uncertainty models in engineering analysis, design and optimization, Reliability based design, Finite element and meshfree methods, Optimization and reliability of renewable energy systems.