Jean-Hubert Olivier

Associate Professor

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2011-2015Post Doctoral , Duke University
2010Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, University of Strasbourg
2005M.Sc. Organic and Supramolecular Chemistry, University of Strasbourg

Professional Experience

2015 - 2016Research Scientist, Duke University
While nature has mastered the art of engineering non-equilibrium structures that enable energy capture, conversion, and storage with unrivaled efficiency, this level of structural control over synthetic materials with dimensions spanning the nano- to mesoscale remains elusive. Consequently, current technology exploits equilibrium-based strategies to construct organic electronic materials for which molecular interactions and macroscopic organization are neither structurally nor electronically configured for maximum efficiency. At the intersection of material science, synthetic chemistry, and physical chemistry, our research program aims to create entirely new classes of structure-function optimized electronic materials that feature non-equilibrium supramolecular superstructures. Our research group aims to: i) understand the processes that govern formation of these soft, functional materials; ii) elucidate their emergent photophysical and electronic properties; and iii) translate these fundamental insights to applied nanoscience to target ‘real-world’ applications in mechanical energy harvesting, high-resolution tactile sensors, organic electronics, and solar energy capture and conversion.


Liu, C.; Liu, K.; Klutke J.; Ashcraft, A.; Steefel, S.; Olivier, J.-H.* Deciphering the potentiometric properties of (porphinato)​zinc(II)​-​derived supramolecular polymers and related superstructures Ahead of Print (J. Mater. Chem. C. 2018).

Liu, K.; Levy, A.; Liu, C; Olivier, J.-H.* Tuning Structure–Function Properties of π-Conjugated Superstructures by Redox-Assisted Self-Assembly 2143-215030 (Chem. Mater.. 2018). [Link]

Xiawei, H.; Kiril, V. A.; Bullard, G.; Bai, Y.; Olivier, J.-H.; Hartmann, N. F.; Gifford, B. J.; Kilina, S.; Tretiak, S.; Htoon, H.; Therien, M. J.; Doorn, S. K. Solvent- and Wavelength-​Dependent Photoluminescence Relaxation Dynamics of Carbon Nanotube sp3 Defect States 8060-807012 (ACS Nano. 2018).

Bai, Y.; Olivier, J.-H.; Bullard, G.; Liu, C.; Therien, M. J. Dynamics of charged excitons in electronically and morphologically homogeneous single-walled carbon nanotubes 674-679115 (4) (Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 2017). [Link]

Bai, Y.; Olivier, J.-H.; Yoo, H.; Park, J.; Polizzi, N. F.; Rawson, J.; Therien, M. J. Molecular Road Map to Tuning Ground State Absorption and Excited State Dynamics of Long-Wavelength Absorbers 16946-16958139 (J. Am. Chem. Soc.. 2017).

Bai, Y.; Rawson, J.; Roget, S. A.; Olivier, J.-H.; Lin, J.; Zhang, P.; Beratan, D.; Therien, M. J. Controlling the excited-state dynamics of low band gap, near-infrared absorbers via proquinoidal unit electronic structural modulation 5889-59018 (Chem. Sci.. 2017).