Alexandra Perisic

Asst. Professor

(305) 284-5585
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20th Century Literature of the Francophone Caribbean and Francophone Africa, Contemporary Latin American Fiction, the Black Atlantic, Literature and Immigration, Globalization Studies, Transnational Feminisms.


2014Ph.D. French and Comparative Literature Columbia University
2011M.Phil. French and Comparative Literature Columbia University
2009 French Columbia University
2006B.A. Comparative Literature and Mathematics Columbia University

Honors & Acknowledgements


Provost Research Award, 2017-2018

Center for the Humanities Faculty Fellowship, 2016-2017

SEEDS You Choose Your Leadership Award, 2015

Jeanne V. Pleasants Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2009

University of Miami Civic Engagement Fellowship, 2015-2016


LIST OF SPECIALTIES: Cultural Studies | Environmental Humanities | French and Francophone Studies | Hemispherica Caribbean Studies | Immigration/Globalization/Transnationalism/Diasporas | Latin American Studies | Literary/Critical Theory | Postcolonial and Decolonial Studies | Transatlantic Studies | Translation Studies and 20th-21st Century


Alexandra Perisic o Precarious Crossings: Immigration, Neoliberalism, and the Atlantic (Fall 2019).

Alexandra Perisic The Cambridge Journal of Postcolonial Literary Inquiry Life after Oil: The Politics of Labor in Bessora’s Petroleum.406-4225:3 (2018).

Alexandra Perisic LAPIZ 3 Introduction to Decolonial Education in the Americas: Lessons of Resistance, Pedagogies Hope (2018).

Alexandra Perisic The Comparatist Overturning Catastrophes.118-13241:1 (2017).

Alexandra Perisic CELAAN Beure je suis, opaque je resterai’ : politique de la représentation dans Shérazade, 17 ans, brune, frisée, les yeux verts.13:2 (2016).

Alexandra Perisic Out of the Ruins: The Emergence of Radical Informal Learning Spaces. What is horizontal pedagogy: a conversation on dandelions,195-223 (PM Press. 2016).