Cindy Gates

Human Subjects Research Officer

(305) 243-7943
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About Cindy Gates

As Executive Director for the Human Subject Research Office (HSRO), Cindy leads the HSRO, a team that supports the University's five Institutional Review Boards (IRBs). She also serves as theUniversity's Research Conflict of Interest Committee Chair. Cindy is responsible for ensuring that the IRBs protect research participants' rights, safety, and welfare at the University, JHS, and institutions across the US that rely on theUniversity's IRBs. She also leads the HSRO team to help investigators comply with applicable regulations, guidance, and theUniversity's SOPs. Cindy joined the University in 2019. She previously served as the Director of IRB Administration at the University of California, Davis Campus, and as the Vice-President for Regulatory Affairs at Western IRB. She received a JD from the University of Seattle, a BA from Excelsior College, and her ADN from Macon State College.