Don DeAngelis

Research Professor

(305) 284-1690 (305) 284-1690 [Work Phone]


Research Interests

I am a theoretical ecologist with an interest in population dynamics, age and size structure of populations, food web theory, ecosystem theory, nutrient cycling, modeling of animal behavior and movement, evolutionary theory, forest dynamics, and global climate change. My recent interests have included modeling the dynamics of nutrients in streams and developing individual-based population models for populations of fish and other animals. I am currently working as part of a group to develop a landscape level model of the Everglades ecosystem.

Teaching Interests

I regularly teach Ecosystem Ecology (BIL537) and team-teach Dynamics of Water and Ecosystems (BIL592). On an ad hoc basis I teach small graduate-level classes in areas of nutrient cycling or other areas of ecosystem ecology, particularly where mathematical modeling is used. I am most interested in making the mathematical foundations of these and other subjects within the broad areas of ecology and evolution accessible to ecologists.


1972Ph.D. Yale University
1966B.S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

LIST OF SPECIALTIES: Conservation and Restoration Biology, Mathematical and Theoretical Biology

Professional Experience

2004 - Editor, The American Naturalist
- Research Faculty Associate Professor, University of Miami
1994 - Ecologist, U. S. Geological Survey

LIST OF SPECIALTIES: Conservation and Restoration Biology, Mathematical and Theoretical Biology


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