Elena Beatriz Fajardo

Leadership Development Instructional Designer

(305) 284-1102
Locator Code:


Why does your personal and professional development matter?

Personal and professional development matter to me because I am always looking for different, more creative, ways to do things. Knowledge is your biggest asset and the more I experience and learn about different things, the better I am at my job. There are always opportunities to improve, so I never want to stop learning!

What is the best part of being a TOD Team member?

In addition to the incredible and welcoming environment in this department, I love their determination to make a lasting impact on the culture at the University. Every decision, every program, and every idea, are executed in a way that takes in to consideration the improvement of processes and people at UM. They care about the UM Community, and they constantly challenge themselves and others to do better.

Why are you proud to be a 'Cane?

I have a long history at the University and it has provided so much opportunity and happiness for me and my family. Being a 'Cane is a part of my identity and I can't imagine being anywhere else!