Emma Jingfei Zhang

Assoc. Professor

(305) 284-6595
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2014Ph.D. Statistics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
2009B.S. Mathematics, Nankai University

Professional Experience

2020 - Associate Professor, Management Science , Miami Herbert Business School
2014 - 2020Assistant Professor, Management Science, Miami Herbert Business School
2009 - 2014Course Instructor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Honors & Acknowledgements

Emerging Scholar Award, Miami Herbert Business School, 2020
Collaborative Research Initiative for the Frost Institute for Chemistry and Molecular Science (CRI-FICMS), 2018
University of Miami Provost Award, 2015, 2016
Norton Prize for Outstanding Thesis in Statistics, 2013
IMS/Laha Travel Award, 2013

LIST OF SPECIALTIES: Statistical machine learning, network data analysis, matrix/tensor data analysis and point process models with applications in business, social sciences, and biology.


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SUMMARY: (*joint first authorship)

Zhou, J., Sun, W.W., Zhang, J. and Li, L. Partially Observed Dynamic Tensor Response Regression (Journal of the American Statistical Association. to appear).

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Hao, B., Wang, B., Wang, P., Zhang, J., Yang, J. and Sun, W.W. Sparse Tensor Additive Regression 22(64), 1-43 (Journal of Machine Learning Research. 2021).

SUMMARY: *joint first authorship

Zhang, J., Sun, W. and Li, L. Mixed-Effect Time-Varying Network Model and Application in Brain Connectivity Analysis 532, 2022-2036 (Journal of the American Statistical Association. 2020).

Xu, G., Wang, M., Bian, J., Burch, B., Andrade, S., Huang, H., Zhang, J. and Guan, Y. Semi-Parametric Learning of Structured Temporal Point Processes 21(192), 1−39 (Journal of Machine Learning Research. 2020).

Zhang, J. and Cao, J. Finding Common Modules in a Time-Varying Network with Application to the Drosophila Melanogaster Gene Regulation Network 112, 994-1008 (Journal of the American Statistical Association. 2017).

Deng, C., Guan, Y., Waagepetersen, R. and Zhang, J. Second-order Quasi-likelihood for Spatial Point Processes 73, 1311-1320 (Biometrics. 2017).

Zhang, J. and Chen, Y. Sampling for Conditional Inference on Network Data 108, 1295-1307 (Journal of the American Statistical Association. 2013).

SUMMARY: Student paper competition winner 2012, ASA Sections on Statistical Computing and Statistical Graphics.