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Jeffrey P. Brosco, M.D., Ph.D.


Jeffrey P. Brosco, MD, PhD
Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
Associate Director, Mailman Center for Child Development
Director, Population Health Ethics, Institute for Bioethics and Health Policy

Dr. Brosco is a clinician-educator who contributes to science by translating evidence-based clinical and organizational practice into ethically optimized public policy. His broad areas of interest are the organization of health care services for children with special health care needs, the education of professionals in family-centered, interprofessional practice, and public policy regarding public health programs such as newborn screening. In each of these areas, Dr. Brosco brings together three broad elements of his training and professional responsibilities: (1) scholarship in history and ethics; (2) practical experience as a clinician, educator, and administrator; and (3) leadership in state and national public advisory groups. Specific projects include an analysis of the history of health care for children in early 20th century Philadelphia, the historical epidemiology of intellectual disability, and the history of newborn screening in the US. With Diane Paul, he is co-author of The PKU Paradox: A Short History of a Genetic Disease (Johns Hopkins Press, 2013).

Dr. Brosco practices general pediatrics and developmental-behavioral pediatrics, including leading an interdisciplinary team that assesses children with neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism and intellectual disability. Dr. Brosco is responsible for medical student and pediatric resident training in ethics/professionalism and in development-behavioral pediatrics. He directs the MCHB-funded Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (LEND) program in the Mailman Center for Child Development. Dr. Brosco was an Arsht Distinguished Ethics Faculty Fellow (2012-2015) and serves as Chair of the Pediatric Bioethics Committee at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

For over two decades, Dr. Brosco has held a series of leadership positions for the State of Florida Title V Program (Children’s Medical Services), which seeks to improve the health of children with special health care needs (CSHCN). From 2017-19 he was Florida’s Deputy Secretary of Health for Children’s Medical Services, overseeing Part C Early Interventions programs, child protection teams, newborn screening, and Florida’s health care plan for CSHCN. He is currently the state’s Title V Director for CSHCN.

Dr. Brosco is also active in national health policy groups, such as the Advisory Committee on Heritable Disorders in Newborns and Children (Department of Health and Human Services) and the National Workgroup on Standards for Systems of Care for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs (Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs/National Academy for State Health Policy). In 2019 he was awarded a Maternal and Child Health Bureau Director’s Award for noteworthy national level contributions to the health of infants, mothers, children, adolescents, and children with special health care needs. 

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