Joseph Ganitsky

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1974D.B.A. , Harvard University, Cambridge
1970M.S. Industrial Management, Georgia Institute of Technology
1968B.S. Industrial Engineering (Ingeniero Industrial), Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá

Professional Experience

2018 - Professor of Professional Practice, University of Miami
2006 - 2018Research Professor, University of Miami
1990 - Consultant to Businesses worldwide (e.g., PVDSA, Shell Deepwater, Siemens, Dan Per)
2005 - 2006Chase Distinguished Professor of Minority Entrepreneurship, Loyola University, New Orleans
2000 - 2003Bank One Professor of International Business, Loyola University, New Orleans
1999 - 2005Academic (Select, Visiting), MSPM Program, Business Strategy, University of Miami
1999 - 2000President, Business Association of Latin American Studies (BALAS)
1999 - 1999Academic (Select, Visiting), China-Europe International Business School, Shanghai, Strategy
1991 - 2006Professor of International Business, Loyola University, New Orleans
1991 - 2006Chair, International Business Area, Loyola University, New Orleans
1991 - 2004Academic (Select, Visiting), Instituto de Empresa, Madrid, International Business and Entrepreneurship
1991 - 1999Academic (Select, Visiting), Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administración, Caracas, Int’l Marketing and Strategy
1987 - 1990Academic (Select, Visiting), Universidad del Pacifico, Lima, International Business and Strategy
1984 - 1991Associate Professor of Int’l Business, Tulane University, New Orleans
1983 - 1984Professor and Researcher, Jerusalem Institute of Management, Tel Aviv
1975 - 1978General Management, CEO of Family-owned Business Group with 18 Divisions, 1978-1982; Manager of Textile and Garment Divisions
1973 - 1975(Founding) Dean, School of Business, Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá
1972 - 1973Associate Professor of Marketing, Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá
1971 - Academic (Select, Visiting), Central American Institute of Management (INCAE), Managua, Agribusiness

LIST OF SPECIALTIES: Competitive strategies of multinational and local firms in Latin America; global startups and entrepreneurship; strategies for the bottom of the pyramid; and corporate response to technological innovation and terrorism.


Negotiate with ALBA Countries: Colombia’s Case (Chapter in the Economic, Political And Foreign Policy Implications Of Alba: An Interdisciplinary Study Of Alba (Bolivarian Alternative For The People Of Our America) Initiative. ).

SUMMARY: Book edited by Bruce Bagley and Magdalena Defort, 2011*

Co-authored Strategic Alliances In Business-To-Business Export Marketing Channels: Impact Of Cultural Difference (Industrial Marketing Management. 2005).

Lecciones Colombianas Para Enfrentar Con Éxito Los Desafíos Empresariales: Indupalma y Las Cooperativas De Trabajo Asociado (11 Revista de Empresa. 2005).

Co-authored Martin Varsavsky” (A) (case in Spanish) (1 Revista de Empresa, and 27 Academia . 2002, 2001).

SUMMARY: (winner of the Best Entrepreneurship Case, EFMD, 2000)

Co-authored Successful Succession in Family Business (Family Business Review. Summer 1995).

SUMMARY: "Successful Succession in Family Business," Family Business Review, Summer, 1995* (Coauthored)

Co-authored Don't Forget Latin America (Sloan Management Review. Winter 1992).

Co-authored Foreign Investment Through Debt Equity Swaps (Sloan Management Review. Winter 1988).

Co-authored Entry of the Next Generation: Strategic Challenge for Family Business (26(2) Journal of Small Business Management. 1988).

Co-authored The Debt Crisis: The Departure Point for a New Era for Decision Makers (21(3) The Columbia Journal of World Business. 1986).