James Shultz

Associate Professor, Educator track

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Field of Interest: Population Health, Disaster Public Health, Complexity Science, Substance Use

Dr. James M. Shultz received his MS in Health Behavior Research in 1986 and his PhD in Behavioral Epidemiology in 1988 from the University of Minnesota. He joined the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, University of Miami, in 1989 as an assistant professor and became a tenured associate professor in 1995. After leaving Miami in late 1999, he returned in 2002 as a voluntary associate professor, at the request of Dr. Clyde McCoy, to create a disaster training and research center in the department in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 (Center for Disaster and Extreme Event Preparedness—DEEP Center). Over a period of five years, DEEP Center conducted more than 500 full-day disaster behavioral health trainings for more than 20,000 participants nationwide. 

Dr. Shultz advises MD/ MPH students and has been the instructor for Introduction to the Science and Practice of Public Health since 2017 and for Interdisciplinary Health Communications since 2020. He also prepared and taught an elective course on the public health aspects of the unfolding COVID-19 pandemic in 2021. Dr. Shultz is the first author of a textbook entitled: Public Health: An Introduction to the Science and Practice of Population Health, co-authored by Dr. Sandro Galea, Dean, Boston University School of Public Health, a text that is used by both undergraduate and graduate public health programs nationwide. He is currently editing the Oxford Handbook of Complex Disaster Risks and Resilience. Dr. Shultz brings extensive expertise and scholarship in the areas of disaster public health, disaster behavioral health, and disaster complexity. His work has generated many collaborative opportunities for our students to present and publish on these topics. His research and commentaries in these areas have been published in a variety of journals including the NEJM, JAMA, Health Affairs, and multiple Lancet journals. On June 1, 2021, Dr. Shultz rejoined primary faculty in the Department of Public Health Sciences as Associate Professor, Educator Track.