Joel Lamere

Asst. Professor

(617) 699-2405
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Joel Lamere received his Master of Architecture degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Before joining UM’s School of Achitecture, he was Assistant Professor of Architectural Design and Homer A. Burnell Chair at MIT. Lamere’s research addresses the future of building practice through innovation in emerging means and methods. As computational design processes evolve, and digital fabrication techniques become more commonplace, our built environment promises to transform radically. Lamere explores this changing landscape through Future Objects at the School of Architecture, a laboratory dedicated to experimentation and innovation in the field of construction technology.

In addition, Lamere is investigating the design of coastal structures - a key ingredient in the struggle to overcome the effects of global climate change. The topic has an ugly history, rife with faulty solutions that reflect the incredible complexity of the problem: the vast number of variables and systemic interactions that occur along a coastline. With this complexity in mind, Lamere joined an interdisciplinary faculty team to address the question from a range of perspectives simultaneously. This team, part of the University of Miami Laboratory for Integrative Knowledge (U-LINK), is working to design the next generation of coastal structures in a way that protects communities from rising seas and the other effects of climate change without negatively affecting coastal ecosystems and the vitality of nearby communities.