Lacy Crocker Papadakis


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Lacy K. Crocker Papadakis received her Ph.D. in Religion from Baylor University. She is a Hebrew Bible scholar, and her research focuses on the relationship between ancient Near Eastern literature and archaeological evidence. She is particularly interested in the symbolism of architecture and iconography in text and artifact. Her publications in two edited volumes, “De Imago to Word: The Exile of the Dead from Parish Symbolism in Reformation England” (Routledge) and “The Circle of Life: Memorializing and Sustaining Faith” (co-authored with Rabbi Gordon Fuller; University of Kentucky Press), reveal a broader interest in the relationship between image and religion and food and death. In addition to her own writing, Papadakis serves as a Writing Coordinator to doctoral students in the EdD Online program at Baylor University. Papadakis avidly promotes study abroad opportunities having studied at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Rothberg International School and The University of Seville and taught at The American University of Rome. Papadakis has business experience at JCP Investment Management, a hedge fund, Cambridge Associates, a financial consulting firm, and Vanguard, a mutual fund company. She uses her business acumen to assist humanities students with career readiness.