Min Lu

Research Asst. Professor

(305) 284-3001
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Field of Interest: Machine Learning, Causal Inference & Variable Selection

Min Lu, Ph.D., is a Research Assistant Professor of Biostatistics in the Department of Public Health Sciences at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. She received her Doctoral degree in Biostatistics from the University of Miami in 2018. Her current work is centered around developing and integrating machine learning approaches to detect the causal relationship between treatments and outcome and facilitate personalized treatment decision. She has developed several statistical models with her advisor, Dr. Hemant Ishwaran, for estimating individual treatment effects and obtaining individualized treatment rules that can accommodate continuous, binary, or survival outcomes. She also works on statistical inferences of Random Forest Variable Importance, which permit clinicians to connect informative features to patient outcomes and treatment effects. For example, she applied her methodological framework to ischemic cardiomyopathy and esophageal cancer with Dr. Ishwaran and surgeons from the Cleveland Clinic, with the purpose of facilitating precision therapy using observational dataset that identifies the specific treatment predicted to maximize survival for a patient.