Naresh Kumar


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Field of Interest: Environmental Health Risk Surveillance

Naresh Kumar, Ph.D., is Professor of Environmental Health in the Department of Public Health Sciences, Abess Center for Ecosystem Science and Policy, and Department of Geography and Regional Studies at the University of Miami. Dr. Kumar’s research and teaching are dedicated to prevent and manage environmental disease burden. A novel aspect of his research includes engaging communities in prevention measures through a personalized real-time environmental risk surveillance system. This system monitors and records environmental pollution in real-time and informs targeted users (such as asthmatic and COPD patients) about hazardous concentrations in real-time through cellphones and web. Dr. Kumar is the Co-PI of an EPA grant that aims to develop and validate novel methods of quantifying ambient air pollution at any given location and time by integrating satellite remote sensing and chemical transport models. He is the Co-PI of an NSF grant that has developed a cost-effective spatial sampling and survey methodology to screen populations for demographic and health characteristics. His research on air pollution and health has been featured in high profile media, such as Science Daily and the Wall Street Journal. He currently teaches “Environmental Health” and “Methods of Environmental Epidemiology” in MD/MPH, MPH and Ph.D. programs. He serves as a reviewer for NIH and NSF, and other high impact journals, such as Environment Science and Technology, Environmental Health Perspective and Public Opinion Research. More information on his research is available at and