Noema B Perez

Director, Talent and Organizational Development

(305) 284-2420
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Why does your personal and professional development matter?

Didn’t Einstein say, “Once you stop learning, you start dying?” I believe that nurturing a learning culture is a foundation for growth, innovation, and sustainability of an organization.

What is the best part of being a TOD Team member?

So many reasons! I love working on a high performing team, with a keen attention to excellence, collaboration, and the development of our team members and others.

Why are you proud to be a 'Cane?

I have been a ‘Cane for over two decades in various roles across The U. The U family has been a big part of my life throughout. The U is where I have turned to during the difficult moments of an ill family member, to the exciting times of developing my career, and just recently in preparing my high schooler for college through the summer schools program. I am a proud ‘Cane!