Patricia Kathryn Amado

Asst. Professor of Clinical

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Dr. Patricia K. Amado, received her undergraduate nursing degree from DeSales University (BSN), her master’s degree in nursing education MS(Ed), from Florida Atlantic University and her PhD from Barry University. She is currently enrolled in a FNP program to enhance her clinical expertise. Areas of teaching include undergraduate and graduate courses across the curriculum as well as under graduate student advisement and mentorship. Her research is focused on areas of breast cancer and creating healthy transition post treatment.  Dr. Amado is also recognized as a speaker in the nursing profession.  She has spoken at international conferences and schools of nursing regarding her creation of liminal pathways in transitioning through chronic illness. Her research formed the basis of a concept analysis framework which she is developing to advance nursing practice. Past and present positions include Sigma Theta Tau, Delta Epsilon Iota International Honor Society and is an active member of the NLN and the ISNCC.  Her most recent project is publishing her dissertation; The Lived Experience of Women with Breast Cancer During the Surveillance Phase of Recovery: A Hermeneutic Phenomenological Inquiry.

Patricia K. Amado, PhD, MSN, BSN

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