Philip Robins

Professor Emeritus



1972Ph.D. Economics, University of Wisconsin
1970M.S. Economics, University of Wisconsin
1966B.S. Economics, University of Wisconsin

Professional Experience

2006 - 2006Visiting Professor, Loughborough University Centre for Research in Social Policy
2003 - 2012Senior Research Affiliate, University of Michigan Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy National Poverty Center
1988 - 1997Chairperson, Department of Economics, University of Miami School of Business Administration
1984 - 2012Research Affiliate, University of Wisconsin Institute for Research on Poverty
1982 - 2021Professor, Economics, Miami Herbert Business School
1977 - 1982Senior Economist and Director of Research, SRI International Seattle and Denver Income Maintenance Experiments
1972 - 1977Economist, SRI International
1971 - 1972Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Honors & Acknowledgements

Excellence in Research Award, University of Miami School of Business Administration, 2005, 1997, 1990
Teaching Excellence Award, University of Miami School of Business Administration, 2001
Alumni Award for Teaching Excellence, University of Miami, 1985
Certificate of Appreciation by Undergraduate Student Teaching Body Government, University of Miami School of Business Administration, 1984
Research Fellow, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, 1970 - 1971
NSF Research Fellow, University of Wisconsin, 1968 - 1970
Ford Foundation Fellow, University of Wisconsin, 1969 - 1970
Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Wisconsin, 1967 - 1970

LIST OF SPECIALTIES: Labor Economics, Social Experimentation; and Social Program Evaluation


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