Need Help?

The People Website was developed by the Web and Digital Communications and Marketing workgroup within the Department of University Communications. For assistance, browse the common questions below. For further assistance, submit a notification, e-mail us at, or call 305-284-1600.

Common Questions

  1. What do I do if I find incorrect people information?

    Most of the basic people information that appears on this site is derived from central University data sources. If you see that an office location, person's name, or phone number is incorrect, it will likely need to be updated and approved by the appropriate Human Resources role. If you work at the University, you should contact your area's HR Partner or BPI (Business Process Improver) for assistance. 

    If you are not with the University and see incorrect information, please inform us by filling out this Web form. You can also notify us via e-mail at or by calling 305-284-1600. Most information can be self-updated via the University of Miami's Workday interface. University areas also have designated People Profile Managers who can update, edit, correct additional information including things like bios, publications, photos, and video links. People Profile Managers manage that content, not the basic information that can only be changed in Workday. Click here to see an example of what comes from central data resources (changes to which can be handled by individuals themselves and/or HR representatives vs. changes that can be handled by a People Profile Manager.)

  2. I found someone who is not supposed to appear. What do I do?

    Typically, individuals who leave the University are automatically removed as their records change behind the scenes. However, sometimes Web site managers need to re-publish pages so that listings are updated to match the latest data. If you find someone who is not supposed to appear, notify us by submitting a notification, e-mailing us at, or by calling 305-284-1600.

  3. How does profile information get updated?

    Most people information is managed by individuals themselves via Workday. Some updates in Workday require specific HR approvals, so individuals should contact their HR representative for assistance. The People site regularly receives updated core information. Some profiles are set to not update automatically for various reasons. In these circumstances, a People Profile Manager can help. Also feel free to submit a notification, e-mail us at, or call 305-284-1600.
  4. How do people lists on various pages get updated?

    Various pages containing lists of people from various University areas are most commonly curated automatically using the data associated with each person. In some cases, additional curation is required by respective People Managers for different University areas.
  5. Who can edit my profile?

    Basic information on your profile such as honorifics (Mr. Mrs. Ms., Dr., etc), first and last name, phone number, e-mail address, position title, and location all come from Workday and HR data. Changing the information in Workday will update the information that appears in the People Website automatically.

  6. How often do updates from Workday get pushed to the People Website?

    People information in Workday is pushed to the People Website multiple times per week. If you need updates from Workday published immediately, use our notification form, e-mail or call 305-284-1600.

  7. What "people" are included on the People Web site? Are students? Alums? How about vendors and contract employees?

    All full-time faculty, staff, and administrators are included on the People Website. Students are not included unless they are also full-time employees. However, in certain circumstances, additional profiles can be added to the People site in cases where consultants, vendors, volunteers, or other people should be added. E-mail for assistance.

  8. If I leave the University, does my profile listing disappear automatically? What if my title changes, or if I move to a new position at the University?

    The People Website only displays current UM employees as per Workday Human Resources data. Once the Human Resources data is updated to indicate that an employee has moved to a new position or is no longer with the University, the profile information will reflect these changes. The Website checks the HR data and refreshes profiles regularly multiple times per week.

  9. I work at UM but don't see my profile when I search for it.  What if someone is missing in the directory?

    Under certain circumstances, individuals can be added to the People site in cases where consultants, vendors, volunteers, or other people should be added. E-mail for assistance.

  10. Can I choose to hide my profile/listing from the Website? Can I hide my office phone number? How about my office location? Can I display additional office locations?

    By default, all profiles are available to be searched since the Website functions as a University directory. Under special circumstances, a profile can be hidden from the directory. Coordinate that with your designated People Profile Manager.

  11. Can I edit my own profile and add my own advanced information?
    Certain basic information can be edited directly in Workday. Advanced profile content, however, is managed via designated People Profile Managers. Work with them to determine the best method for updating your profile page.