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Dr. Signorile has over twenty-five years of research experience in the development and application of diagnostic and prescriptive exercise procedures for special populations with specific emphasis on those requiring interventions to reduce functional decline. He has two books, over 75 refereed articles and book chapters, and 150 refereed abstracts, He is currently the mentor on a K23 career development award from the NIMH examining the psychological and physiological benefits of exercise in Hispanic women. Additionally, he recently served as the mentor on a K12 submission looking at exercise and schizophrenia for which the manuscript is currently being written. He has served as the chairman on 27 dissertations, been a committee member on nine others, and has chaired 16 Masters Theses and served on six as a committee member. He is a regular mentor for the University’s Honors Thesis and School of Education and Human Development Honors Thesis Programs.

His work has concentrated on targeting exercise to the diagnosed needs of the individual, with special emphasis on older persons. His research team was one of the first to recognize that the functional declines and histological changes that occur with age reflected loss of velocity rather than simple strength, thereby dictating power or high-speed training. As he has explored the impact of high-speed training on neuromuscular performance, he has evolved his research to include proper loading patterns, specific joint responses, most effective exercise modalities, and patterns of change across training cycles.

To truly apply the diagnosis prescription model to exercise, effective tools must be available for assessing need across the broad spectrum of performance and functional variables associated with successful aging. Therefore, the trajectory of Dr. Signorile’s training studies was logically mirrored by the development of unique diagnostic tools allowing quantification of specific needs.

The development of power, when applied to targeted training prescription, can occur at any area of the load-velocity continuum inherent in skeletal muscle. Additionally, most activities of daily living (ADL) are associated with small external loads, or none at all. This has led Dr. Signorile to explore the application of body-weight based training modalities. However, the benefits of these alternate interventions don’t stop at ADL performance. Because maintenance of balance, recovery from a stumble and reducing fall occurrence are more closely related to movement speed than absolute strength, his research has also examined these velocity-based interventions for improving both static and dynamic balance. This model has been applied to translational cycles designed to transform simple linear strength and power gains derived from resistance of cardiovascular training into patterns applicable to daily living, to the conversion of traditional exercise modalities such as yoga, into interventions that are biomechanically and bioenergetically more applicable to daily tasks, and the examination of other alternatives, as potential stimuli for improving power and facilitating recovery.

Dr. Signorile holds a joint appointment as research faculty at the Center on Aging of the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine.

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