Ronny Aboudi

Assoc. Professor

(305) 284-1966
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1986Ph.D. Operations Research, Cornell University
1983M.S. Operations Research, Cornell University
1980B.S. Mathematics, Florida Atlantic University

Professional Experience

1994 - Associate Professor, Management Science, Miami Herbert Business School
1988 - 1994Assistant Professor, Management Science, University of Miami School of Business Administration
1987 - 1988Visiting Professor, ale University School of Organization and Management
1996 - 2004Visiting Professor, Universidade Nova de Lisboa
2008 - 2008Instructor, Operations Management, Catholic University
1985 - 1987Scientist, Chr. Michelsen Institute, Center for Petroleum Economics

Honors & Acknowledgements

Research Excellence Award, University of Miami School of Business Administration, 1991

LIST OF SPECIALTIES: Operations research; modeling; and integer programming


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Aboudi, D. Thon and S. Wallace Inequality Comparisons when the Population Differ in Size 47-80 (8 Journal of Economic Inequality. 2010).

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R. Aboudi and D. Thon Refinement of Muirhead’s Lemma and Income Inequality 201-216 (51 Mathematical Social Sciences. 2006).

J. Pachon, E. Iakovou, C. Ip and R. Aboudi A Synthesis of Tactical Fleet Planning Models for the Car Rental Industry 907-916 (35 IIE Transactions. 2003).

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