Kiara R Timpano, Ph.D.

Director, Adult Division, Department of Psychology
Clinical Psychology Faculty

(305) 284-1592
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Dr. Kiara Timpano is the Director of the Program for Anxiety, Stress, and OCD (PASO), and a Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Miami. Her research interests include understanding risk and vulnerability factors that play a role in the etiology, comorbidity, and maintenance of anxiety and obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorders.

Dr. Timpano oversees the PASO research team on a number of active research studies, including ongoing studies focused on vulnerabilities for anxiety and related affective disorders, the etiology of Hoarding Disorder, and the maintenance of OCD. In addition to considering cognitive, emotional, and social risk factors for symptom development, her research also examines vulnerability factors from a transdiagnostic perspective.



2009Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, Florida State University
2008Clinical Internship Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Track, Massachusetts General Hospital / Harvard Medical School
2002B.S. Biochemistry, Whitworth University, Spokane WA

Professional Experience

2017 - Assistant Chair, Department of Psychology, University of Miami
2016 - Associate Professor of Psychology, University of Miami
2010 - 2016Assistant Professor of Psychology, University of Miami

Honors & Acknowledgements

2017 - 2018    Program Chair, National Convention 2018, Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy
2015 Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching, Department of Psychology, University of Miami
2014 Career Development Leadership Award, Anxiety & Depression Association of America
2009 Young Investigator Award, Anxiety & Depression Association of America

LIST OF SPECIALTIES: Anxiety and related disorders | OCD | Hoarding Disorder | Transdiagnostic risk factors | Experimental psychopathology


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Timpano, K.R., Muroff, J., & Steketee, G. "A Review of the Diagnosis and Management of Hoarding Disorder" Current Treatment Options in Psychiatry 3, 394-410 (2016).