Roger Christopher McIntosh

Associate Professor

(305) 243-2047
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Dr. Roger McIntosh directs the BREATH (Brain Respiration Embodiment Affect & Translational Health) Lab. and examines the effects of aging, stress and chronic inflammatory immune conditions (e.g., HIV) on neuropsychological functioning. Dr. McIntosh is currently supported by the NHLBI to study how individual differences in cardiovascular autonomic function mitigate these effects.


2012Ph.D. Experimental Psychology , Florida Atlantic University
2010 Psychology, Florida Atlantic University

Professional Experience

2014 - Assistant Professor , Department of Psychology
2012 - 2014Postdoctoral Fellow , Department of Psychology

LIST OF SPECIALTIES: The use of voxel-based morphology, tractography, spectroscopy and functional connectivity of frontal-striatal and limbic areas commonly implicated in the neuropathogenesis of HIV disease

Research Projects

Heart Immune & Mental Stress Study:


McIntosh, R. C., Lobo, J. D., Fajolu, O., Reyes E., Pattany, P.M., & Kolber, M.A. "Greater N-Acetylaspartate to creatine ratio within left anterior insula predicts sympathetic imbalance in postmenopausal women living with hypertension and/or HIV." Heart Mind Journal (2018). [Link]

McIntosh, R. C., Paul, R., Ndhlovu, L. C., Hidalgo, M., Lobo, J. D., Walker, M., Shikuma, C.M., & Kallianpur, K.J. "Resting-state connectivity and spontaneous activity of ventromedial prefrontal cortex predict depressive symptomology and peripheral inflammation in HIV. " Journal of Neurovirology. (2018). [Link]