Maria Magdalena Llabre, Ph.D.

Director, Biobehavioral Statistics
Behavioral Medicine Research Center
Cooper Fellow

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Dr. Maria Magdalena Llabre is Professor and Associate Chair in the Department of Psychology at the University of Miami.  She is also Director of Biobehavioral Statistics at the Behavioral Medicine Research Center. She teaches graduate statistics and is lead faculty in the Applied Quantitative LaB.  Her research uses latent variable models to understand change processes in cardiovascular behavioral medicine.  She is an investigator in the Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos (HCHS/SOL).  One of her current projects explores the role of the Spanish language in the Hispanic Paradox.


1978Ph.D. Educational Research, University of Florida
1976MAE Educational Psychology, University of Florida
1974B.A. Psychology and Mathematics, University of Florida


The overarching theme of my research is the link between stress and health. My interests include applications of latent variable models to problems in measurement, mechanisms, and change processes in cardiovascular behavioral medicine. I am also interested in the psychological and health consequences of war-trauma in children, and have worked on projects in Kuwait and Lebanon. More recent work has focused on sociocultural factors and chronic diseases in Hispanics as part of the Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos (HCHS/SOL). Other current projects include the Que Pasa U? study on the influence of the Spanish language on cardiovascular reactivity to emotional stress, the UQuest study that uses training in questioning to increase interest and participation in science in low-income inner city youth, and the UCope study examining individual and community risk factors associated with the experience of a hurricane.

Selected Publications

Llabre, M.M., Schneiderman, N.,Gallo, L.C., et al. (2017). Childhood Trauma and Adult Risk Factors and Disease in Hispanics/Latinos in the US: Results from the Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos (HCHS/SOL) Sociocultural Ancillary Study. Psychosomatic Medicine. 79, 172-180. PMID:27606797

Perera, M.J., Reina, S.A., Elfassy, T., Potter, J.E., Alvarez, D.S., Simon, M.A., Isasi, C.R., Stuebe, A.M., Schneiderman, N., & Llabre, M.M. (2018). Gestational diabetes and cardiovascular risk factors and disease in U.S. Hispanics/Latinas in the Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos (HCHS/SOL). Women Health. 24:1-15. doi: 10.1080/03630242

Llabre MM, Arguelles W, Schneiderman N, Gallo LC, Daviglus ML, et al. Do all components of the metabolic syndrome cluster together in U.S. Hispanics/Latinos? Results from the Hispanic Community Health study/Study of Latinos. Annals of Epidemiology. 2015; 25(7):480-5. PMID: 25818844, PMCID: PMC4457574

Llabre, M.M., Hadi, F., La Greca, A.M., Lai, B.S. (2015). Psychological distress in young adults exposed to war-related trauma in childhood. Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology. 44, 169-180. DOI:10.1080/15374416.

Llabre, M. M. & Hadi, F. (2009) War-related exposure and psychological distress as predictors of health and sleep: A longitudinal study of Kuwaiti children. Psychosomatic Medicine, 71, 776-783.