Mary A Avalos

Research Professor

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Mary A. Avalos is a Research Professor in the Department of Teaching and Learning. Her research interests include teacher development and professionalism and literacy/language development for multilingual learners using Systemic Functional Linguistics as a tool for language teaching. She has worked with teachers to develop interventions that provide explicit instruction for academic language, or the language of schooling, in reading/language arts, mathematics, and social studies.

Current Projects

Avalos, M. A. (Principal Investigator), Cavendish, W., & de Oliveira, L. C. (Co-PIs). (2017-2020). Supporting Educators’ Academic Literacies and Enhanced Discourse (SEALED). The U.S. Department of Education, Supporting Effective Educator Development [SEED], $6,148,903.00.

Avalos, M. A. Co-Principal Investigator (PI, University of Miami Subcontract), with Carlo, M. S. (PI). (2015-2019). The effect of definitions, contextual support, and cognate status on 4th grade Spanish-speaking English learners’ (ELs) understanding of unfamiliar words in text. The Institute of Education Sciences, Goal 1, Exploration, Subcontract Award, $597,764.

Past Projects

Avalos, M. A., Co-Investigator (PI, University of Miami Subcontract); with Gort, M., (PI), Howard, E., & Caswell, L., (Co-PIs). (2014-2017). Writing for English Language Learners (WELLs): Exploring the Relationship Between Writing Instruction and Student Outcomes. The Institute of Education Sciences, Goal 1, Exploration, Subcontract Award, $277,611.

Avalos, M. A. (PI) in partnership with M-DCPS Division of Reading/Language Arts and Social Studies (2014-2015). Florida Academic Literacy Network, Miami-Dade Literacy Design Collaborative. The National Literacy Project, $15,000.

Avalos, M. A. (PI). (2011-2012). Examining the Impact of Professional Development to Improve Classroom Intervention Implementation and Project Success. University of Miami Provost Research Award, $16,494.

Secada, W. G. (PI), & Avalos, M. A. (Co-PI). (2010-2013). Language in Math. The Institute of Education Sciences, Goal 2, Development, $1,500,000.

Avalos, M. A., (PI). (2008-2009). Linguistic complexity of texts and comprehension of English language learners. Carnegie Corporation, Discretionary Funds, $50,000.

Avalos, M. A., (PI). (2002-2007). Reading Education Supports Scientific, Up-to-date Language Teaching Strategies (RESSULTS). Title III Professional Development Grant, U. S. Department of Education, Office of English Language Acquisition, $1,410,000.00.