Alicia Renee Jackson

Associate Professor

(305) 284-2135
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2010Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering University of Miami, Miami, Florida
2007M.S. Biomedical Engineering University of Miami, Miami, Florida
2005B.S. Biomedical Engineering University of Miami, Miami, Florida

Professional Experience

2011 - PresAssistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering, University of Miami
2010 - 2011Post-doctoral Associate, Biomedical Engineering, University of Miami
2005 - 2010Graduate Research Assistant, Biomedical Engineering, University of Miami
2008 - 2009Teaching Assistant, Biomedical Engineering, University of Miami
2004 - 2005Undergraduate Research Assistant, Biomedical Engineering, University of Miami

Research Interests

Transport and Electromechanical Properties, Nutritional Supply to Cells and Tissues, Biomechanics and Mechanobiology of Soft Tissues, Finite Element, Analysis, Orthopaedic Tissues: Intervertebral Disc, Meniscus, etc.

Juried or Refereed Journal Articles or Exhibitions

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Kleinhans, K. L., Jackson, A. R. (2018).Hydraulic Permeability Of Meniscus Fibrocartilage Measured Via Direct Permeation: Effects Of Tissue Anisotropy, Water Volume Content, And Compressive Strain. Journal of Biomechanics, 72, 215-221.

Jackson, A. R. (2017).The Nutrition of the Human Meniscus: A Computational Analysis Investigating the Effect of Vascular Recession on Tissue Homeostasis. Journal of Biomechanics, 61, 151-159.

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