Allan Todd Shulman


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For the past 17 years, Shulman has explored the interrelationship between 20th century urban culture and architecture using the cities of Miami and Miami Beach as a laboratory. As a scholar, he has found in these modern cities ample material for investigations into regionalism, tropical architecture, and the cultural idea of tropicalism. These crucibles of urban transformation have also served as the inspiration for Shulman’s formulation of a design principle that he calls “urban assemblage”: the redevelopment of existing cities through the layering of artifacts of the contemporary landscape. The intersection of tropicalism with urbanization has opened multiple opportunities for funded research and publication. His academic activities also include exhibits, design competitions, charrettes, lectures, and panel discussions targeted to expanding understanding of South Florida’s built environment. Shulman founded the architecture firm Shulman + Associates (S+A) in 1995.

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