Vidhi Chhaochharia

Assoc. Professor

(305) 284-4362
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2005Ph.D. , Cornell University
2000M.S. Quantitative Economics, Indian Statistical Institute (Kolkata, India)
1998B.Sc. , Presidency College (Kolkata, India)

LIST OF SPECIALTIES: Corporate governance | International finance

LIST OF SPECIALTIES: Corporate governance | International finance

Professional Experience

2014 - Associate Professor, Finance, Miami Herbert Business School
2007 - 2013Assistant Professor, Finance, University of Miami School of Business Administration
2011 - 2011Visiting Scholar, Tilburg University
2010 - 2010Visiting Scholar, International Monetary Fund

Honors & Acknowledgements

James MacLamore Summer Research Award, 2007, 2008
Spot Award, World Bank, 2006
Best Paper Award in Corporate Finance (Corporate Governance and Firm Value: The Impact of the 2002 Governance Rules), Southwestern Finance Association, 2005

LIST OF SPECIALTIES: Corporate governance; and international finance


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With Dasol Kim, George Korniotis and Alok Kumar Mood, Firm Behavior and Aggregate Economic Outcomes (Journal of Financial Economics. forthcoming). [Link]

With Yaniv Grinstein, Gustavo Grullon and Roni Michaely Product Market Competition and Internal Governance: Evidence from the Sarbanes- Oxley Ac 1405-1424 (63.5 Management Science. 2017).

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