Bradford R McGuinn

Senior Lecturer
Director of MAIA Program

(305) 284-8353
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Dr. McGuinn is a Senior Lecturer with the Department of Political Science and Director of the MAIA program. He holds a PhD in International Studies, with concentration in Middle Eastern studies, from the University of Miami. His fields of research and teaching include international security, Middle Eastern studies, civil-military relations and political violence. Dr. McGuinn has lectured to groups in the United States military and law enforcement community on questions of violence and insurgency. He has contributed book chapters dealing with security questions in Latin America, West Africa, the Middle East and the Caucasus.
Dr. McGuinn’s recent publications include: “The Reshaping of Iraq: Politics, Energy, Security,” in Bruce Bagley, ed., Politics of Energy and the Environment (forthcoming), “Restatement: Egypt and Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi’s Search for Order,” in Bruce Bagley, ed., Consequences of the Fall: Security, Sustainable Development and the Environment (forthcoming), “Violence: El Salvador’s ‘Ill-Structured’ Problem,” in Jonathan Rosen and Hanna Kassab, Violence in the Americas (Lexington Books, April 2018),“Twilight Kingdom? Saudi Arabia and the American Challenge: Between Shale and Shi’ism,” in Bruce Bagley ed., After the Fall: Security, Sustainable Development and the Environment, (Lexington Books, forthcoming), “Where Murder is Easy: The Fragile State of Liberalism in El Salvador,” in Hanna Kassab and Jonathan Rosen, eds., Fragile States in the Americas (Lexington Books, 2017), “The Violence of Central America: The Obama Doctrine and the ‘Liberal Imagination’,” in Kassab and Rosen, eds., The Obama Doctrine in the Americas: Major Security Challenges (Lexington Books, 2016), “Azerbaijan’s Rites of Passage: Liminality, Centering and the Temptation of Strategic Autonomy,” in Remi Piet and Licinia Simao, Security in Shared Neighborhood’s: Foreign Policy of Russia, Turkey and the EU (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016), “In the Name of Vindice: Latin America’s ‘Endemic Pattern of Violence’,” in Bruce Bagley, Kassab and Rosen, Reconceptualizing Security in the Western Hemisphere (Lexington Books, 2015) and “Functional Dysfunction: Guinea-Bissau, Narcotics Trafficking and the ‘Pathological Polity’,” in Marten Brienen and Jonathan D. Rosen, A Time for Change: New Approaches to Drug Policies (Palgrave, 2015).