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1977Ph.D. Theoretical Physics, California Institute of Technology
1970M.S. Physics, University of Missouri, Columbia
B.S. Physics, University of Missouri, Columbia

Professional Experience

2017 - Clark Way Harrison Visiting Professor, Washington University, St Louis, Missouri, August
2010 - Scientific Associate, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
2007 - Alan Richards Fellow in Mathematics, University of Durham
2006 - Member, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ
1996 - Visiting Scientist, Center for Theoretical Physics, MIT, Cambridge, MA
1987 - Visiting Associate Professor of Physics, Yale University, New Haven, CT
1986 - 1987Visiting Associate Professor of Physics, Institute for Theoretical Physics, State University of New York, Stony Brook, NY
1985 - 1988Associate Professor of Physics (with tenure), University of Florida, Gainesville
1980 - 1985DOE Outstanding Junior Investigator and Assistant Professor of Physics, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
1978 - 1980Robert R. McCormick Fellow, The Enrico Fermi Institute, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL
1976 - 1978 Research Fellow, University of California, Irvine, CA

Honors & Acknowledgements

American Physical Society Fellow
APS Jesse Beams Award, ARCS Foundation Fellow
FQXi Membership
McCormick Research Fellow
NSF Graduate Fellow
O. M. Stewart Scholar
University of Miami Cooper Fellow
University of Miami Provostís Scholarship Award
University of Miami Senate Distinguished Faculty Scholar Award

Conferences & Events

13-19 Dec 2018
Miami 2018 | Coral Gables, FL
Co-organizer and participant,
1-14 July 2018
Kinky Galileons, BASIC 2018 workshop on solitons and instantons | Stella Maris, Bahamas
Co-organizer, participant, and talk
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Research Projects

2017-2018 String bits.
2016-2018 Worm holes and galileons.
2013-2016 Branched Hamiltonians; spin expansions and products.
2012-2013 Naked singularities; umbral calculus; QMPS.
2009-2012 Functional methods and fow equations; galileons; strings
2007-2010 Quasi-hermitian Hamiltonians; n-Lie algebras; super-Landau models.
2004-2006 Nonrelativistic branes and biorthogonal quantum systems.
2002-2003 Superintegrability, Nambu mechanics, and fuid dynamics.
2001-2002 Areal theory and superintegrability.
1999-2000 Deformation quantization; duality and time.
1997-99 Phase-space deformations and duality.
1997 Membranes and integrability.
1995-96 Supersymmetry and duality.
1992 Super-Yangians.
1991 Functional analysis of Liouville Öeld theory.
1989-90 Quantum Lie algebras.
1987-89 Supermembranes and other superimmersions.
1986-87 Extrinsic curvature in strings and superstrings.
1986 String model partition functions; Torsion, strings, and nonlinear supersymmetry
1984-85 Torsion, supersymmetry, and renormalization of standard deviation models.
1982-84 Conformal invariance, Liouville QFT, and strings.
1981-82 Higher dimensional theories and radiative corrections using transverse rotation group representation indices.
1981 Nonlocal algebras and Ward identities; charge renormalization due to any spin.
1979-80 Integrability of standard deviation models; standard deviation models with N=2 and N=4 supersymmetry; generalized gauge felds; dual graviton.
1979 Anomaly-free SU(8) grand unified models.
1978-79 Gauge Öelds with supersymmetry and any spin.
1977-78 N=4 supercurrent multiplet; dimensionally regularized hyperspherical expansions and dispersion relations.
1974-76 Vacuum stability; radiatively induced supersymmetry breaking; dimensional regularization of supersymmetric theories; renormalization schemes with exact one-loop beta functions.
1972-74 Field operator formulation of the parton model; factorization of single hadron distributions; non-standard neutrino production.
Grant Support
  • 2018 FQXi ìPhysics of the ObserverîGrant from Silicon
    Valley Community Foundation, FQXi-MGA-1811
  • 2017 FQXi ìPhysics of the ObserverîGrant from Silicon
    Valley Community Foundation, FQXi-MGB-1625
  • 2015-1988 NSF Awards PHY- 1214521, 0937580,
    0855386, 0802988, 0555603, 0303550, 0073390, 9870101,
    9507829, 9209978, 9007517, 8703390
  • Julian Schwinger Foundation Grants JSF 08100000 and
    JSF 06090000
  • NATO Advanced Research Workshop Grant, 1990-1991.
  • 1988-1981 DOE support at the University of Florida (including
    Outstanding Junior Investigator Award)


H Alshal, T Curtright "Grounded Hyperspheres as Squashed Wormholes" (Cornell University Library. 11 Jun 2018). [Link]

T Curtright, H Alshal, P Baral, S Huang, J Liu, K Tamang, X Zhang, Y Zhang "The Conducting Ring Viewed as a Wormhole" (Cornell University Library. 23 May 2018). [Link]