Douglas R. Emery

Bank of America Scholar and Professor Emeritus



1977Ph.D. Business, University of Kansas
1973MBA , University of Kansas
1971B.S. Physics, Baker University

LIST OF SPECIALTIES: Corporate finance

LIST OF SPECIALTIES: Corporate finance

Professional Experience

1998 - 2021Bank of America Scholar, Professor, Finance, Miami Herbert Business School
1989 - 1998The Koffman Fellow, Leading Professor, Finance, Binghampton University
1980 - 1989Professor, Finance, The University of Missouri
1988 - 1989Visiting Professor, Finance, Nanjing University
1986 - 1987Visiting Associate Professor, Finance, Washington University
1979 - 1980Visiting Assistant Professor, Management, Purdue University
1976 - 1980Associate Professor, Management, University of Calgary
1978 - 1978Visiting Assistant Professor, The University of Kansas

LIST OF SPECIALTIES: Theory and application of financial decision models; liabilities management; capital structure; and capital investment


Coauthor of eight books, including: Corporate Financial Management, 5th Edition (2018) Wohl Publishing (with Finnerty and Stowe), Debt Management, Harvard Business School Press (with Finnerty)

With Burch and Fuerst Who Moves Markets in a Sudden Market-Wide Crisis? Evidence from Nine-Eleven 463-48751, no. 2 ( Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis. April 2016).

Pioneers in Finance: An Interview with Stewart C. Myers, Robert C. Merton (1970) Professor of Financial Economics, MIT 6-1423, no. 1 (Journal of Applied Finance. ).

With Li Are the Wall Street Analyst Rankings Popularity Contests? 411-437Vol. 44, No. 2 (Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis . April 2009).

With Guo and Su A Closer Look at Black-Scholes Option Thetas 59-74Vol. 32, No. 1 (Journal of Economics and Finance. January 2008).

With Finnerty The Value of Corporate Control and the Comparable Company Method of Valuation 91-99Vol. 33, No. 1 (Financial Management. Spring 2004).