Douglas O Fuller

Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and College Diversity

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LIST OF SPECIALTIES: Biogeography | Applied Remote Sensing | Medical Geography


Barhoumi W, Qualls WA, Archer R, Fuller DO, Chelbi I, Cherni S, Derbali M, Arheart KL, Elyes Zhioua E, Beier JC "Irrigation in the arid regions of Tunisia impacts the abundance and apparent density of sand fly vectors of Leishmania infantum" 73-8141 (Acta Tropica. 2015).

Jiang, J, Fuller DO, Teh, SY, Koh, HL, DeAngelis, DL, Sternberg LSL "Bistability of mangrove forests and competition with fresh water plants" (Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 2015).