Simon Howard

Asst. Professor
Psychological Sciences Faculty
Director, Pride Lab

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Dr. Simon Howard is the Director of the Psychology of Racism, Identity, Diversity, and Equity (PRIDE) research lab and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology. Using experimental methods drawn from cognitive, perceptual, and social investigations research in the PRIDE lab primarily aims to understand and address contemporary racism. To this end the PRIDE lab conducts research that often falls under two broad themes: (1) Investigating interpersonal and contextual factors that influence historically advantaged (e.g., White people) and disadvantaged group members’ (e.g., Black people) perception, attitudes, judgments, and behavior and an emerging line of research (2) Exploring the relationship between vicarious experience of racism and mental and physical health for members of racially stigmatized groups. Recent projects in the lab explored the role of religion in maintaining racial hierarchy, and the effects of exposure to vicarious racism on race based traumatic stress.


2016Ph.D. Social Psychology, Tufts University, Medford, MA
2010B.A. Behavioral Science and Psychology, San Jose State University, San Jose, CA

Professional Experience

2022 - Assistant Professor of Psychology, University of Miami
2016 - 2022Assistant Professor of Psychology, Marquette University