Ronald Hoenig

Sr. Research Associate 2, MAS
Fish Hatchery Manager

(305) 421-4195
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Fish Hatchery Manager, Department of Marine Biology and Ecology - Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science

Ron Hoenig is currently the manager of the University of Miami Experimental Hatchery, overseeing operations, including fingerling production, project development and technology transfer. Mr. Hoenig graduated from RSMAS in 2009 with a Master of Arts in Marine Affairs and Policy, focusing on the development of aquaculture techniques for a number of different marine finfish species. His master’s thesis investigated the economic feasibility of commercial scale hatchery production of goggle eye fingerlings. Upon graduation, Mr. Hoenig was hired as a Research Associate working on improving methods for broodstock collection and management, captive spawning, and larval rearing of high-value marine fish species.