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My group focuses on various issues relating to interaction of electromagnetic radiation (predominantly light) with such random media as atmospheric and oceanic turbulence, particulate media (e.g. human tissues), rough surfaces, etc. Two basic problems: a) direct - modulation of properties of radiation and b) inverse - active/passive sensing of the random structures are of interest. Our research runs from intrinsically theoretical (prediction of new phenomena) to purely practical (new approaches for communication and radar systems) and often involves, as an auxiliary stage, computer simulations. One of our new concentration areas is the possibility of using light with arbitrary spectral, coherence and polarization properties for enhancement of performance of the systems of interest.



2003Ph.D. Applied Mathematics, GPA 4.0, University of Central Florida
2002M.S. Mathematical Sciences, GPA 4.0, University of Central Florida
1999B.S. Applied Mathematics, GPA 3.8 (Red Diploma), Samara State University (Russia)

Professional Experience

2007 - 2007MCAT Physics Lecturer, PRINCETON REVIEW INC. (part time) Rochester, NY
2007 - 2007Assistant Professor in Research, UNIV. OF ROCHESTER, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy Rochester, NY
2006 - 2007Research Scientist, UNIV. OF ROCHESTER, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy Rochester, NY
2004 - 2006Research Associate in Physics, UNIV. OF ROCHESTER, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy Rochester, NY
2003 - 2004Research Scientist, UNIV. OF CENTRAL FLORIDA, CREOL Orlando, FL
2003 - 2003Research Assistant, FLORIDA SPACE INSTITUTE -CUBIC Co. Orlando, FL
2000 - 2003Graduate Teaching Assistant, UNIV. OF CENTRAL FLORIDA, Dept. of Mathematics Orlando, FL

Honors & Acknowledgements

Honorary State Assistantship, Samara State University, 1994-1999
Teaching Award, University of Central Florida, 2001
Merit Award, University of Central Florida, 2002
Scholarly and Creative Activities Award, College of Arts and Sciences, Univ. of Miami, May 2010.

Conferences & Events

Speckle propagation through atmospheric turbulence: effects of partial coherence of the target | Orlando, FL
AeroSense: SPIE Meeting (April, 2002, Orlando, FL). Contributed talk “Speckle propagation through atmospheric turbulence: effects of partial coherence of the target”.
Speckle propagation through atmosphere: effects of a random phase screen at the source | Seattle, WA
47th SPIE Annual Meeting (July, 2002, Seattle, WA). Contributed talk “Speckle propagation through atmosphere:
effects of a random phase screen at the source”.
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Topical Editor for: Optics Letters, Optical Society of America (2010-2016) 6 years - max term
Member of Editorial Board for: Journal of Optics, European Optical Society (2014-present)
Member of Editorial Board for: Computer Optics, Samara State Aerospace University (2016-present)
Member of Editorial Board for Electronic Journal of EOS: Rapid Communications (2006-2010)
Member of Organizing Committee for the 2011 OSA Annual Meeting, 2013-2015 Photonics West SPIE Conference
Conference co-chair at SPIE symposium “Photonics West”, “Free-Space Laser Communication Technologies XIX and
Atmospheric Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves I”, (San Jose CA, Jan 2007, jointly with S. Mecherle)
Conference chair (sole) at SPIE symposium “Photonics West”:
“Atmospheric propagation of electromagnetic waves II” (San Jose, CA, Jan 2008),
“Atmospheric propagation of electromagnetic waves III” (San Jose, CA, Jan 2009)
“Atmospheric and oceanic propagation of electromagnetic waves IV” (San Francisco, CA, Jan 2010)
“Atmospheric and oceanic propagation of electromagnetic waves V” (San Francisco, CA, Jan 2011)
“Atmospheric and oceanic propagation of electromagnetic waves VI” (San Francisco, CA, Jan 2012)
Host: Technical Session of Atmospheric Propagation and Laser Communication group at “Photonics West” SPIE
symposium (San Jose, CA, Jan 2008, Jan 2009; San Francisco, Jan 2010)
Paper Reviewer: Physical Review Letters, Physical Review A, Journal of Optical Society of America A, Applied
Optics, Optics Express, Optics Letters, Journal of Biomedical Optics, Optics Communications, Waves in Random and
Complex media, Optical Engineering, Photonics Technology Letters, Applied Physics B, Journal of Geophysical
Research – Oceans. Grant Reviewer: AFOSR, NASA.
Supervisor of Ph.D. students: S. Sahin (2012), Z. Tong (2013), N. Farwell (2014), X. Chen (exp. 2019), J. Li (exp. 2019)
Dissertation committee member of Ph.D. candidates: P. Bhandari (UM Physics), R. Aryal (UM Physics), R. Delgadillo
(UM Physics), J. Guomin (UM Engineering); Supervisor of undergraduate students: H. Jacks (2010), J. Reimers (2011),
A. Avramovich (2016); Supervisor of high-school students: G. Martinez-Piedra (2017). Opponent for Ph. D. thesis: L.
Mokhtarpour, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada (January 2016); L.-P. Leppänen, Eastern University of Finland,
Joensuu, Finland (May 2016)
The member of the Graduate Admission Committee (2007-2012)
The organizer of the Optics Seminar (Spring 2009 - Spring 2013)
The organizer of the Department of Physics Colloquium (Fall 2010 - present)
Contributor for the UM NEXUS project (Fall 2011 – present) developed 3 case studies, gave invited lectures at NEXUS
participating universities (UM, Spring 2016, University of Maryland, Fall 2016)
Panel contributor for forty 8th graders from Winston Park K-8 Center (April 30, 2013)
Member of UM Independent Major Proposal Committee (Spring 2013)
Panel contributor for the new faculty workshop (August 2013)
A member of the UM major disciplinary committee (Fall 2013 – Spring 2014) 4 panels
The Chair of the Graduate Admissions Committee (Fall 2012-present)
A member of Physics Department faculty search committee (2013-2014, 2015-2016)
A member of Chemistry Department faculty search committee (2014-2015)
A member for Dean of Graduate School search committee (2015-2016)
Chair of the Physics Department Faculty search committee in optics (2016-2017)
CAS committee for Provost Research Awards selection (Fall 2017)

LIST OF SPECIALTIES: Theoretical and Experimental Classical Optics, Coherence and Polarization of Light; Wave Propagation and INTERESTS Scattering in Random and Complex Media; Beam Propagation in Atmospheric and Oceanic Turbulence; Laser Communications and LIDAR Systems; Light Propagation and Scattering in Human Tissues; Medical Imaging, Microscopy and Tomography


Olga Korotkova Partially coherent beam propagation in turbulent atmosphere with applications (SaarBrucken, Germany. VDM. 2009).

Olga Korotkova Random beams: theory and applications (Boca Raton, FL, USA. CRC Press. 2013).

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