Fulin Zuo


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My research interests are twofold. One is in the studies of new phenomena of novel materials, especially low dimensional materials such as the cuprate and organic superconductors, meso and nano-magnetic materials by probing experimentally their transport and magnetic properties. These experiments are usually carried out as a function of temperature, electric and magnetic field to differentiate various models. The other is in the technological applications of novel electronic properties. For example, the study of excess noises in the superconducting transition to optimize the use of transition edge microcalorimeters in x-ray detection.



1988Ph.D. The Ohio State University

LIST OF SPECIALTIES: electronic properties of novel materials such as the high temperature oxide superconductor and low temperature organic superconductors, meso and nano-magnetic materials through experimental transport and magnetic measurements


Fulin Zuo "A geometric method to determine the electric field due to a uniformly charged line segment" American Journal of Physics (Cornell University Library. 2014). [Link]

Yue Yu, Fulin Zuo and Chen-Zhong Li "Mediator-assisted photocurrent extraction from the thylakoids" ( Electrochimica Acta. 2014).


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