Jessica Elizabeth Brumley

Vice President, Facilities Operations & Planning

(305) 284-5506
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About the Vice President of Facilities Operations and Planning

Jessica Brumley, Vice President of Facilities Operations and Planning, joined the University in January 2018. She is responsible for developing and maximizing the value of University-owned and operated real estate. Ms. Brumley is responsible for seven departments: Real Estate, Campus Planning and Development, Facilities Design and Construction, Facilities Management, Parking and Transportation, Office of Emergency Management and Space Management and Analysis. She has contract administration responsibilities for a number of subcontracted University services. Ms. Brumley was formerly Vice President for Facilities Management at Nova Southeastern University.  Also at Nova Southeastern University, she served as Executive Director of Facilities Management, and Director of Design and Construction.  Ms. Brumley holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Architecture from University of Pittsburgh.