John R. Funchion

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John Funchion’s essays have appeared in Early American Literature, Modern Language Quarterly, Modernist Cultures, and The Henry James Review. He recently completed a series of final revisions on his first book, States of Nostalgia: the Aesthetics of Antagonism in the Nineteenth-Century U.S. for a major university press. He also co-edited and contributed an essay to Bordering Establishments: Mapping Regions in Early American Writing (Georgia, forthcoming). He is currently at work on two new projects. His second book manuscript, Reading against the Law: Localities of Dissent in the Early Republic establishes how regional writers in the U.S. engaged novelists, poets, revolutionaries, and legal thinkers across the Atlantic and throughout the Caribbean to challenge the rising dominance of legal and literary federalism in the early nineteenth century. He has also begun developing a digital humanities project, [alt] Periodicals, which will provide a searchable archive of radical and alternative periodicals published in the U.S. between 1865 and 1919.



2008Ph.D. Brown University

LIST OF SPECIALTIES: Early North American and nineteenth-century U.S. literatures; Atlantic Studies; aesthetic theory; and digital approaches to literary studies.



John Funchion The Henry James Review

John Funchion States of Nostalgia: the Aesthetics of Antagonism in the Nineteenth-Century U.S.