Michael Ramer Karcher


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Adjunct Faculty, J.D. Program

Michael R. Karcher is a member of the law firm of Karcher, Canning & Karcher in Fort Lauderdale. He practices in the areas of admiralty and maritime law, specializing in recreational yachts, marine environmental law and insurance issues. Karcher is a member of the Maritime Law Association of the United States, the Southeastern Admiralty Law Institute and has served as a Special Assistant Attorney General for the Florida Department of Natural Resources. He is the current chairman of the Miami Marine Arbitration Council, the past President of the Marine Council, and continues as the Program and Seminar Chairman. He has lectured at seminars for the Marine Industries Association of South Florida, the Florida Yacht Brokers Association and various boating groups in South Florida. Karcher teaches Admiralty, a course that studies the problems of the maritime industry, including admiralty jurisdiction in the federal system and rights of seamen and maritime workers. He also teaches a course on Maritime Personal Injury and a seminar on Marine Ecology and Law.