Patrick A. McCarthy


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Pat McCarthy teaches a wide range of courses, from introductory surveys of European literary masterpieces and British literature to upper division and graduate courses on modern British and Irish writers. Although he is best known as a scholar for his many publications on James Joyce and Malcolm Lowry, he has wide research interests in the areas of modernist British and Irish literature, science fiction, utopian and dystopian literature, textual editing, and genetic criticism. Altogether, he has published 12 books: five monographs, three scholarly editions, and four edited or co-edited essay colllections. His recent books are Joyce, Family,“Finnegans Wake” (National Library of Ireland, 2005) and scholarly editions of Olaf Stapledon’s classic science fiction novel Star Maker (Wesleyan University Press, 2004) and Lowry’s “lost” novel In Ballast to the White Sea (University of Ottawa Press, 2014; annotations by Chris Ackerley); in addition, in 2016 his Forests of Symbols: World, Text, and Self in Malcolm Lowry’s Fiction (University of Georgia Press, 1994) was reissued in paperback, with a new preface. He also has published dozens of peer-reviewed articles in journals or books, as well as numerous reference articles, review essays, introductions or forewords, and book reviews.



1973Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
1968 University of Virginia
1967B.A. University of Virginia