Rocco Joseph Ceo


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A Professor of Architecture, Rocco Ceo teaches courses in: Design, Design/Build (with Jim Adamson), foundation courses in freehand and mechanical Drawing, drawing seminars on color theory, Michelangelo, Historic American Building Survey/HABS and Historic American Landscape Survey/HALS.  He has produced drawings of the elements of Florida’s landscapes as well as the documentation of seminal sites in the history of South Florida such as Vizcaya and the Marjory Stoneman Douglas home.  His published work includes the award winning books, Redland: A Preservation and Tourism Plan  done with Margot Ammidown and Maria Nardi and Historic Landscapes of Florida co-authored with Joanna Lombard.  His architecture practice focuses on the unique relationship between architecture and landscape found in the American Tropics. His work has received awards from the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation, Progressive Architecture, and I.D. Magazine.  His interest in paradox found in the study of the natural world informs his architecture, research and painting.

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