Rachida Salama Primov

Senior Lecturer

(305) 284-8592
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I received my Doctorat de Troisième Cycle from the Université de Provence (Aix-Marseille I) in 1981. My dissertation was on "Le Cinéma Américain de 1968 à Nos Jours: Du Rêve au Cauchemar". I am the director of the Eleonore Graves Tripp Foreign Languages Laboratory. I manage the Lab and I am responsible for regularly upgrading its capabilities as new technologies emerge. I am also in charge of a community outreach program which helps teachers of foreign languages in the Miami-Dade International Magnet Schools to improve their curricula and incorporate new technologies in their classrooms. The experience of learning technology practitioners has been rather like climbing a mountain. A peak appears in sight but when it is reached it turns out to have been just a foothill and a higher peak becomes visible. When this is reached however the new vistas reveals a further higher peak. (Darby 2002-2)