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Robyn Faith Walsh is an Assistant Professor at the University of Miami. She earned her Ph.D. at Brown University in Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean, with a focus on early Christianity, ancient Judaism and Roman archaeology.

Before coming to UM, Professor Walsh taught at Wheaton College (Mass.), The College of the Holy Cross, and received teaching certificates and pedagogical training at Brown University and Harvard University. She teaches courses on the New Testament, Greco-Roman literature and material culture. Her recent offerings at UM include: Introduction to the New Testament; Jesus in Myth and History; Paul: Letters and Controversies; The Greco-Roman Context of Early Christianity; The Bible and Film; Religious Issues in Death and Dying; Religion and Sports. Professor Walsh also teaches in Miami's URome program at the American University.

 ** Professor Walsh is on Maternity Leave in Fall 2018



2014Ph.D. Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean Brown University
2010 Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean Brown University
2005M.Div. Early Christianity and Archaeology Harvard University
2002B.A. Ancient Studies (Religious Studies & Classics) Wheaton College

Professional Experience

2014 - Professor, University of Miami
2012 - 2014Visiting Instructor, Department of Classics , Wheaton College (Mass.)
2011 - 2012Lecturer, Department of Religious Studies, The College of the Holy Cross

Conferences & Events

May 2019
Digital Humanities and Classical Studies: An Overview, and the Challenges Ahead | Berlin, Germany
Keynote delivered with Edward Slingerland (University of British Columbia), Digital Humanities and Classical Studies, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science
November 2018
Jesus in Berlin: Normativity in Classics and the Skewing of Early Christian Literature | Berlin, Germany
Session: Redescribing Early Christianity, Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) Annual Meeting
November 2018
Of Dualisms and Doppelgängers: Mapping Ancient Minds and Bodies in Religious Studies | North American Association for the Study of Religion (NAASR); SBL Annual Meeting
Response on Race and Ethnicity panel for Session: Critique in Context: Surveying Key Categories in the Study of Religion.
April 2018
A Second-Century Satyrica and its Knowledge of the Gospels | Center for the Humanities, University of Miami
Invited paper presentation for the Antiquities Interdisciplinary Research Group (AIRG)
November 2017
Romantic Imagination and Oral Tradition in Christian Literature | University of Miami
Conference in Honor of Dr. Richard Martin, Stanford University
October 2017
Imagining Judea in post-War Imperial Literature | Bern, Switzerland
Classics and Religious Studies interdisciplinary lecture series at Universität Bern
October 2017
The Beginning of Gospel Literature | University of Miami
University of Miami Center for Humanities Colloquium, University of Miami
September 2017
What is a Classic? | University of Miami
Invited paper presentation for the AIRG, Center for the Humanities, University of Miami
June 2017
The Database of Religious History | Rome, Italy
Invited lecture on The Database of Religious History (DRH) digital humanities project, XIV International Symposium of University Professors
April 2017
The New Jim Crow | University of Miami
Guest lecture with Dr. Michelle Maldonado for HON 330: Books That Matter
January 2017
Reconsidering the Synagogue-Basilica of Elche, Spain | Florida International University
Mondays at the Museum Series at Florida International University (FIU)

LIST OF SPECIALTIES: The letters of Paul, the history and interpretation of the Synoptic problem, theory and method, cognitive science, Imperial archaeology, the influence of German Romanticism on the field of early Christian studies.


Robyn Walsh "“Paul the Apostle,”" (Vancouver, BC, University of British Columbia, The Database of Religious History, Religious Expert Poll. January 2008). [Link]

Robyn Walsh "Q and the ‘Big Bang’ Theory of Christian Origins" Redescribing The Gospel of Mark (Early Christianity and its Literature) 483-533 (Society of Biblical Literature Press. 2017).