Veruska Vasconez


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Veruska Vasconez is an architectural and urban designer practicing nationally and internationally. She is a full time professor and the Visual Studies Coordinator for M.Arch at the University of Miami. She has been teaching at the University of Miami since 2005 and has created two new courses in Visual Representation in Architecture, and Mapping & Visualization. She is well known for her expertise in computer graphics and representation; she has worked in collaboration students, professionals, and advocacy groups on urban historic documentation and analysis projects. She has been a curator and assistant curator on numerous exhibitions, and is co-founder and curator for Meetinghouse, a not-for-profit art gallery located in the Penthouse of the historic Huntington Building in downtown Miami.  Veruska has a fellowship in the department of Planning and Design Excellence at Miami-Dade County Parks and Recreation. She has been developing Data Mapping of demographics, geography, topography, climate, health status, socio-economic status, and urban infrastructure in relation to MDPROS properties, programs, and strategic planning. Also developing visual representations of OSMP implementation strategies, market research, and analysis, Veruska assists in identification of health and well-being disparities, including the categorization and representation of community design elements— buildings, streets, blocks, neighborhoods, materials, vernacular architecture, native and exotic landscape materials- relevant to MDPROS strategies.

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