Viviana Diaz Balsera


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1989Ph.D. Yale University
1977B.A. University of Texas at Austin

Honors & Acknowledgements

University of Miami. Provost’s Research Award. Award in Arts and Humanties. Summer 2015.

Center for the Humanities Research Fellowship. University of Miami College of Arts and Sciences: AY 2013-2014.

Florida 2013 Initiative Grant, The Florida Humanities Council, in conjunction with the College of Arts and Sciences Center for the Humanities Grant funds conference for “ Florida at the Crossroads: Five Hundred Years of Encounters, Conflicts and Exchanges.”

LIST OF SPECIALTIES: Comparative Race and Ethnicity Studies (including Latinx Studies) | Cultural Studies | Hemispheric Caribbean Studies | Medieval and Early Modern | Peninsular Studies and Postcolonial and Decolonial Studies


Eds. Adrienne L. Martín and María Cristina Quintero Mujer-Águila, polvo espiritado, y un conejo boca arriba: oraciones y conjuros para el parto en el México pre-hispánico y colonial253-68 (New York, Artepoetica. 2015).

Díaz Balsera, Viviana and Rachel E. May, eds. La Florida: Five Hundred Years of Spanish Presence. (Gainesville, University of Florida Press. 2014).