Zhan Liang

Asst. Professor

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I am highly motivated and committed to pursue a research career in the area of chronic and critical illness. I have focused my research on improving symptoms and clinical outcomes in critically ill patients. My research focus developed from my clinical experience caring for patients admitted to the ICU and their family caregivers, and as a clinical nurse specialist with specialization in critical care. My research training and my direct experience with critically ill patients has established the foundation to develop rigorous research studies examining interventions to improve symptoms and clinical outcomes for MV patients as PI and Co-I. My dissertation research examined effectiveness of using distractive stimuli (patient-preferred music) to manage symptoms and promote weaning for prolonged mechanical ventilated patients. Multivariate mixed-effects model analysis demonstrated a significant decrease in heart rate, respiratory rate, and perceptions of anxiety and dyspnea and a significant reduced time on ventilator on music days. In addition to my own research work, I am also a research team member with Dr. Munro (PI) performing a clinical trial on oral care for mechanically ventilated patients and Co-I on a current NIH funded study with Dr. Munro (PI) using recorded family voice messages to reorient mechanically ventilated patients to prevent delirium.


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